Handmade in Kuwait, each Barwa piece is individually crafted with attention and care. Every step of construction—from creating each unique pattern to cutting, stitching, painting, and creasing—ensures that the final product is of the highest quality and utmost value. Whether you’re hopping a plane, going to work, or out on the town for the evening, this luxury handcrafted Kuwaiti brand is made specifically to suit your personal lifestyle.

Barwa uses only the finest leathers sourced from around the world, from alligator, shark, and python to ostrich, stingray, calf, and goat. Every piece is individually designed and built using sharp, strong, clean lines that create a truly distinctive item.


Aroub Almutawa, the founder and sole maker of Barwa, came into leatherwork in 2015. Searching for an appropriate bag to fit her specific needs and style, Aroub found a handmade leather backpack, but it wasn’t quite what she was looking for. Instead of buying something she didn’t love, she made her own. She quickly fell in love with the fragrance, and the look and feel of leather. 

After two years of self-taught leatherwork, Aroub traveled from her home in Kuwait to Zurich to learn more. Courses in Paris then helped set Aroub’s technique and construction apart from other leatherworkers. She finds inspiration everywhere, from the deep support of family and friends to the colours within a home and the pure space of imagination as the mind drifts into sleep. With each bespoke item she designs, Aroub ensures her customers carry unique, superbly designed, top-quality leather items.

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